Apply for a VISA issued by the Aboriginal Provisional Government

VISAs are issued by the APG to non-Aboriginal people currently living or seeking to live within the borders of the Aboriginal nation.

Before our lands were invaded in 1788, Aboriginal people had full control of our lands and lives. A new nation was set up on lands taken from us. That nation discriminates against us today.

We have never lost sight of our sovereign rights despite the Australian government using all its resources to deny us the chance to exercise these rights. We are still the real owners of this country.

By applying for an Aboriginal issued VISA you are acknowledging the Aboriginal assertion of continuing sovereignty. The VISA issued to you grants permission to enter the borders of Aboriginal Australia and/or remain here with our permission for the duration of the VISA. While the VISA we issue endorses your right to be inside the borders of the Aboriginal nation, you should be mindful that there are many Aboriginal peoples who assert their original rights over their own country within that external border, and we urge you to respect their rights when you enter each region.

As with Aboriginal passports, the Australian government steadfastly refuses to accept the authority of Aboriginal issued VISAs. Australian authorities do not accept any VISA authority other than their own for entry into or staying within Australia.

Your acceptance of this VISA is a moral stance for which we give our thanks, and which gives us strength in our struggle.

Yours faithfully, 

Michael Mansell (Pakana)
Aboriginal Provisional Government

To obtain your Visa please deposit $50 into the following account

Account Name                  Aboriginal Provisional Government

BSB Number                      067 000

Account Number             1007 8271

Payment Reference       Enter a payment reference (for email below)

Then email your name, postal address, nationality & date of birth along with your payment reference to